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Curriculum Vitae de Jean - Michel Kauffman


Name: Jean-Michel KAUFFMANN
Sex: Male
Date of birth: 30-04-54
Nationality: Belgian
Education: Pharmacist
Institute: Free University of Brussels (ULB) Belgium
Phone at work : 3226505215 jmkauf@ulb.ac.be

Degree and title:
PhD in pharmaceutical sciences. Full Professor, Head of Department of Instrumental Analysis and Bioelectrochemistry since 1991.
President of the Belgian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences since 2002.
Membre of the Academia Iberoamericana de Farmacia (Spain).
Membre of IUPAC (commission V: electroanalysis)

R&D et present:
Development and characterization of electrochemical sensors and biosensors. Application of electroinjection analysis in capillary electrophoresis to the study of drug-protein and drug-enzyme interactions.

Introduction to achievement:
Has published approximately 130 papers and 20 chapters in books in the field of analytical chemistry with special emphasis of electroanalysis and modified electrodes for the investigation of compounds of pharmaceutical interest. Has expertise in the development and characterisation of electrochemical biosensors with immobilised enzymes. Is Editor in chief of Talanta, an international journal of Pure and Applied Analytical Chemistry. Is a member of the Editorial board of Electroanalysis, Analytical Letters, Talanta, Current Separations, Chimica Acta Turcica, J.Pharm.Belgique, (FABAD )J.Pharm.Sciences of Ankara,